The quadrupeds are the dwellers every second house. They live with us and really like the comfort which they receive. What can we do for our favourites? Some regular and balanced meals, health care, going for a walk together, playtime, travels to some different, beautiful places. All these things seem to be enough. That’s right, but we can do more! It’s so nice to fall asleep on a comfortable, plush dogs bed. We know something about it. We can’t imagine our lifes without dogs and cats. We’ve got nine together. Of course, we know all their needs and we can make them happy. Our pets esteem our efforts and give us their affection.

We also think about other freaks and their wonderful pets. That’s why we decided to set up a company, which sew the most beautiful dogs beds and rugs. What can we offer? The best quality of our products. We use some ecological materials. We use certified fabrics and fillers. Plush Oeoko tex standard 100. The products are offered in every size, design and colour! You can find them in your pet shops. If you ask about some practic and washable rugs, you will hear some light purring and snoring your comfortable sleeping pets.

euGive your dogs some yummy dreams!